Multidisciplinary artist based in Buenos Aires.

an unexpected point of view
the use of exquisite materials
morphology experimentation
and procedural generation

synthetic shapes on aesthetic spaces
in continuous motion

this is an external interpretation
a poor approach
of diego's work
of his expression through art

which can't be described with words

it's all about images
that disturb
our sense of vision
in a beautiful way

© DD 2018

The Gift Hotel is a serie of five short movies. Each one tells the story behind a Massimo Dutti article. Massimo Dutti called us to solve a problem: Show 5 featured articles of their new collection. We develop the idea of creating five videos to show, during one week, a product a day. We came up with the concept of The Gift Hotel, a place where while you enjoy walking across warm little halls, big restyled old buildings and artificial shopping sets, you can find each article in a beautiful pace.

Credits // Client Massimo Dutti Idea & direction Six N. Five Animation & direction: Sebastian Baptista Products photography Dimitri Daniloff 3D design Six N. Five + Diego Diapolo + Pedro Veneziano Music & sound design Aimar Molero Production The Mushroom Company

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