Artwork beside another 25 artists for the 25th aniversary of the Hugo Boss bottle. They published this book as a celebration of the legacy and cultural impact of the iconic fragance.

Client Boss Direction Diego Flores Diapolo Agency Company Paris

Campaign for Asics METASPEED+ 

Client Asics CGI Diego Flores Diapolo, Hardlait with Services Généraux

The campaign launch of the Air Company “Eau de Parfum”

Client Air Company CGI Diego Flores Diapolo, Hardlait with Services Généraux Creative Direction Mouthwash Studio


Apple commissioned me to make this artwork for the Studio Display launch at the event of March 2022. This fullfill detailed wallpaper is showing on the product website.  

Client Apple Direction/CGI Diego Flores Diapolo


Global campaing for the launch of these fashion accesories from the Alexandre Mattiussi’s brand “Ami Paris”

Client Ami Paris Direction Diego Flores Diapolo Agency Bureau Future Agent Monsieur L’Agent 

Cryonics is an audiovisual essay on the intersection between transhumanism and fashion. Inspired by a poem of Richard Brautigan, this try to swim in a CGI pool full of cybernetic aesthetics and some of that shit.

Direction Diego Flores Diapolo
Titles design Florencia Porreca


Winona International is a new creative studio specialising in the symbiosis of subculture & commerce. Winona’s debut "Wuhan Series" of oversized basics and I created a series of cgi images between connected by only one element, the sweater.

Client Winona International Direction/CGI Diego Flores Diapolo


Pocket Bag Collection is A playful twist on an archived design, Designed by Riccardo Tisci as a balance of strength, intricacy, and eccentricity.

Client Burberry Direction Six n Five Art-Design Direction Diego Flores Diapolo Design Joan Garcia Pons, Ezequiel Pini, Diego Flores Diapolo Film Direction Sebastian Baptista


Designed by Max Lamb and crafted by the artisans of Kalpa Taru, one Potato Head Studios study chair is made from 833 plastic water bottles.

Client Potato Head Direction Diego Flores Diapolo CGI/Sound/Animation  Diego Flores Diapolo


SolarDrive is a balanced and complete shoe that covers comfort, cushioning, stability and durability.Exploring this idea of “perfect balance”, we created an installation that places SolarDrive in a delicately balanced physical sculpture with arms holding objects that visually represent the 4 key benefits of the product.

Client Adidas Direction Diego Flores Diapolo CGI Team Diego Flores Diapolo, Juan Coria, Mateo Vallejos Pruducer Carolina L’ Avena Graphic Design Amateur Dot Rocks Sound Zelig Sound Photographer Ben Clement Strategy Brand Articulations Agency Studio Lore Production Company 24 Productions


Each year the Inspirational Festival from Madrid invites different artists and directors to work on the promotional video for the event. This time Mechi Lopez and Pablo Alfieri partner up and worked closely with an amazing new crew of Talents to create a visual journey that explores the future and embrace the strange. A first record where we seek the perfect combination of unusual materials, compelling behaviours and beautiful textures with the purpose to inspire as much as the Inspirational Festival does, with their 6 different thematic auditoriums and more of 50 speakers from all around the world. The event will take place next April 8th of 2019 at the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.

Directed by Mechi Lopez & Pablo Alfieri CGI Art Director Diego Flores Diapolo Produce by Playful (Full Credits)


The "Size?" campaing for the launch of the Nike Air Max 720.

Client Size? Direction/CGI Diego Flores Diapolo and Six n’ Five Sound Diego Flores Diapolo Agency Breaks Agency


We were called by Rimowa to develop full 3D animations for the new Collection called "The Trunk". We thought on the ideas about how these suitcases were going to move and recreated the environments of museums in CGI.

Client Rimowa Direction Six N. Five 3D Design Diego Flores Diapolo, Joan Garcia Pons, Ezequiel Pini Sound Diego Flores Diapolo Animation Sebastian Baptista


Rimowa called us to create a serie of short animations for social media under the concept “A modern take on a classic”. In a museum vibe and with a touch of magic, we reveal a Rimowa suitcase.

Client Rimowa Direction Six N. Five Art Direction/CGI/Sound Diego Flores Diapolo


Astilla is a collab non-profit experimental project that was born from our chats where we thought "how about mixing our works together in an editorial project". This is how we created Astilla. Astilla is about being a whole or part of it. It describes from parts of a second to fractal clouds, like a splinter that is a part of a piece of wood.

Digital Artist Diego Flores Diapolo
Editorial Designer
Florencia Porreca


Waves is a short experimental film in which I play with organic forms and procedural textures. Gravity, mass, air, friction and plasticity are my fundamental elements in this game. Staff picked by Vimeo.

Direction Diego Flores Diapolo CGI/Sound Diego Flores Diapolo


I created for Onesal Studio a series of animated loops under the concept 'Future Flowers', that were introduced at the Hanami 2050 exhibition in Fukuoka, Japan by floral artist Nicolai Bergmann.
The exhibition took place the historic Dazaifu Tenman-gū from March 29 to April 01 of 2018.

Direction Onesal Art Direction/CGI Diego Flores Diapolo, Onesal


Space10 called us to conceptualise and create 6 video pieces for the event they were preparing "6 days exploring the spaces of tomorrow" (Shoreditch, London – 18-23 September 2017). For this we have created 6 ideas that follow the concept of the show for six different videos.

The world is a wonderful and complex place to live in, especially now. When we look at the bigger picture, we are standing at a defining moment in time. We are on the brink of a new era that will lead to seismic changes in society and in the way we live.

Creative direction Six N. Five + Sebastián Baptista Art direction Six N. Five Animation Sebastián Baptista 3D Design Six N. Five + Diego Flores Diapolo Music CypherAudio Client Director Bas Van De Poel Typography Design TheBarkas


We were called by Fedrigoni to create the imagery for some groups of papers. The variety of products was selected taking care of each piece of paper identity and detail. We have created four worlds of Fedrigoni's papers that are distinct in character and quality. Each one has his own laws, his own destiny and an open world of possibilities. So we selected some and here you can explore the Selection by Fedrigoni.

Art Direction Diego Flores Diapolo + Six N. Five CGI Diego Flores Diapolo Agency Aktiva


Serie of artifacts where digital aesthetics meets functionality, or maybe don´t. At first sight is hard to perceive their function and why they were made for, and that’s the whole point. Aesthetifacts talks about our nowadays reflection. Once you feel safe and satisfied, you can go one step deeper. Where digital aesthetics might need functionality.

Art Direction/CGI Diego Flores Diapolo, Ezequiel Pini Direction Six N. Five


The Gift Hotel is a serie of five short movies. Each one tells the story behind a Massimo Dutti article. Massimo Dutti called us to solve a problem: Show 5 featured articles of their new collection. We develop the idea of creating five videos to show, during one week, a product a day. We came up with the concept of The Gift Hotel, a place where while you enjoy walking across warm little halls, big restyled old buildings and artificial shopping sets, you can find each article in a beautiful pace.

Client Massimo Dutti Direction Six N. Five Animation Sebastian Baptista Products photography Dimitri Daniloff 3D design Six N. Five, Diego Diapolo, Pedro Veneziano Sound Aimar Molero Production The Mushroom Company


Glycol decomposes in contact with the air in about ten days, in water or soil in just a couple of weeks. Plastic spaces and living things are made of it, habitating in an artificial world created by humans, a world of perpetual motion and random algorithms. It is aesthetic, mathematical and physical. Glycol is an experiment I did to communicate with you.

Direction Diego Flores Diapolo  CGI/Animation/Sound Diego Flores Diapolo


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